Will Ms Mysti have sex with me?

No, Ms Mysti is not a prostitute, she will not and does not offers to engage, agrees to engage, or engages in sexual conduct for a fee or solicits another in a public place to engage with him in sexual conduct for hire.

Prostitution is addressed in Section 43.02 of the Texas Penal Code. Prostitution is addressed in NRS 201.305 of the Nevada Penal Code.

Is Ms Mysti a dominatrix?

Yes, Ms Mysti is a dominating woman, especially one who takes the sadistic role in consensual sadomasochistic activities

Is Ms Mysti a pro-domme or professional dominatrix?

No, Ms Mysti is a professional woman who happens to also be a dominatrix for over 15 years.  Ms Mysti is not a not a professional dominatrix as she receives all session fees and is hired out as an alternative lifestyle coach.

What is a session?

A session is a meeting of a deliberative or judicial body to conduct its business or a period devoted to a particular activity.

What am I paying for in these sessions?

As with any profession, seeking a professional in an area of expertise will cost you, this is regardless of what area of expertise you are searching for. The fees as described as tributes on the Tributes and Gift Information page, are in exchange for time, sacrifice, services, experience, and general overhead of professional alternative lifestyle coach with your chosen lifestyle of BDSM.

What is BDSM?

BDMS is a consensual practices or roleplaying involving bondage, discipline, dominance and submission, sadomasochism, and other related interpersonal dynamics.
These may or may not be erotic in nature or include any form of visual stimulation and physical touch of the Erogenous Zones human body.

What does the law say about BDSM?

BDSM is addressed in Texas Penal Code 22.06 and Nevada Penal Code 200

In short, BDSM is legal through certain terms and as an lifestyle coach, I have teach others how to follow these terms. One website in this is from Benson Varghese, the Managing Partner of Varghese Summersett PLLC, in an article called Is BDSM Legal in Texas? What is BDSM and can you consent to BDSM in Texas?

What is an alternative lifestyle coach?

A person involved in the direction, instruction and training of the operations in the forms of intimacy which diverts from the traditional ideas of mainstream ones, or generally perceived to be outside the cultural norm.

What is an alternative lifestyle?

An alternative lifestyle is is a lifestyle that diverse in respect to mainstream ones, or generally perceived to be outside the cultural norm. Lifestyle is a media culture term derived from the concept of style in art.